What Is A Google Maps Scraper? Semalt Review

Google Maps is a good source to generate leads for your business, target a large number of potential customers worldwide, get addresses and contact details/phone numbers of someone, and to check your position on our planet.

Google Maps Scraper is the perfect tool to scrape Google maps and to get contact details of your business partners. This tool automates the process of extracting data from Google Maps in a simple and interactive way. Unlike any ordinary web crawling bot or spider, Google Maps Scraper works like a real user and detects useful data on the internet.

Benefits Of Google Maps Scraper:

With Google Maps Scraper, you can easily extract important data from Google maps: categories, addresses, business IDs, names, postal codes, email IDs, fax and phone numbers, longitude and latitude, states, source links and website URLs. One of the most distinctive features of this tool is that Google Maps Scraper allows you to scrape information based on specific keywords, and you can research the results within a specific set radius (kilometers or miles).

Plus, Google Maps Scraper allows you to scrape information comfortably and area-wise data with great care. Once downloaded and activated, you just have to open the Google Maps Scraper to get Google Maps scraped instantly. The data is then stored in its own database or Google Drive, and Box.net for later uses. You can also download it to your hard drive directly and can reuse it on your own website or blog to improve its search engine rankings.

Another prominent feature of Google Maps Scraper it is that it supports maps.google.com and gives you full access to its options and buttons. Once the Google Maps is fully or partially scraped, the data is then exported to CSV or JSON file. The total daily limit of Google Maps Scraper is 5000 records, meaning you cannot perform more than 5000 scraping tasks in a day.

The Maintenance And Support Of Google Maps Scraper:

Amazingly, Google Maps Scraper comes with pre-defined maintenance system and helps you get rid of bugs. Plus, it provides the users with complete spam protection, and the perpetual license comes with a 3-month maintenance facility. Moreover, this tool is compatible with operating systems like Windows XP, Window 98, Windows 7, Windows Vista and NET Framework 2.0.


You should bear in mind that Google Maps Scraper may restrict your search engine results; so, we suggest to use the specific keywords (such as zip, area, category, business name or phone number) to get deeper and better results while scraping the data from Google Maps. Moreover, this scraper will not work accurately and will not show the reliable results if there are changes in the Google Maps source codes, or if the information of Google Maps is made private, meaning that the privacy settings have been changed.

In short, Google Maps Scraper is suitable for enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses and webmasters, and helps them get readable and scalable information from Google Maps. It works like a Chrome extension and automates the real user behavior.